“...expertise, service and professionalism”
“Dr. Hargreaves is an amazing chiropractor and a personal friend of mine. I have seen him for several years now and have been extremely impressed with his expertise, service and professionalism. He has treated me for back pain along with sports injury pain. He is meticulous and observant in both the diagnosis and treatment stages by asking questions and explaining what he's doing along the way. He makes you feel comfortable with any/all treatments before he performs them. He genuinely cares for his patients - - he is personable, friendly and overall just an outstanding individual. His location is convenient in Uptown Charlotte. I highly recommend Dr. H to anyone seeking general chiropractic or sports injury and/or rehabilitation care. I honestly can't say enough good things about him!!” -K.H

NFL Legend and Dancing With the Stars runner-up Jerry Rice has a formula for success that’s grounded in hard work, a positive attitude – and chiropractic care. In fact, he attributes much of his long-term success to regular adjustments from his Chiropractor.

“...completely changed my quality of life”
“Nine years ago I began experiencing pain in my low back and knee. After enduring numerous MRI’s, physical therapy, and three different specialists, I settled with the idea that I would have to live with pain. I was told my running would have to be limited by the pain, and I could never run longer than 20 minutes. I sought relief with Dr. Hargreaves a few months ago and after a few visits the results were astounding. I am currently running 30 - 40 minutes several times a week without pain. Dr Hargreaves has completely changed my quality of life. I continually recommend my clients and friends to Dr. Hargreaves. We all agree his treatment and professionalism are beyond compare.”
- A.P

“...absolute dream come true”
“I would like to commend Dr. Matthews Hargreaves for his miraculous work and exceptional service as I prepared for the 2007 Long Course World Triathlon Championships in Lorient, France. I came to Dr Hargreaves in need of a miracle. I had 6 weeks to ease the intense burning in my feet that became too unbearable to stand. To make a long story short, I completed my race with exceptional results! Finished 9th Team USA female and 2nd Team USA female in my age group (25-29). Having the opportunity to compete at the national and international level was an absolute dream come true! I am in good hands and will be able to take my triathlon career to a new level with his continued support and care.....”

“...thanks Dr. C. for the referral and recommendation”
Dear Dr. C (Primary Care Physician) I thought I would drop you a note to let you know my progress with the referral you gave me to Dr. Matthew Hargreaves, Chiropractor. The shoulder pain was an extension of the chronic pain I have had for nearly 30 years without relief even after numerous sessions with various practitioners over the years. I am happy to report that for the first time, Dr. Hargreaves’ unique treatments have shown significant improvements in my overall condition. My chronic pain has subsided over 90% and I am looking forward to the exercise program that will continue this relief. I wanted to thank you for the referral and recommend Dr. Hargreaves to others that have a similar history to mine.”

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