"Dr. Hargreaves takes the time to listen to your issues and will ask questions to make sure he fully understands your situation.

I appreciate the explanations he provides for each form of treatment he performs and will explain exactly which muscle, nerves, etc., he’s targeting to treat or correct. The results I’ve experienced from treatments are results I was never able to achieve with other chiropractors. I also regained range of motion I didn’t realized I lost to begin with. I would highly recommend Dr. Hargreaves to anyone that I know in need of chiropractic care."

G. Magura

"My 16 year old son is a baseball player, specifically a pitcher. He strained his lat in pre-season 2020 from some mechanical changes and due to muscular weaknesses, his body couldn’t support the change.

His body then compensated for the pain and weaknesses and his delivery became a mess. A pitching coach recommended Dr. Hargreaves and we are so grateful to have found him! His approach is not your standard chiropractor experience. Read his information on his site. Google what you need to understand it better. See that he has worked with high level athletes. His approach makes perfect sense as you learn more. We drove 90 miles one way to see Dr. Hargreaves as that is how much we believe in him. He worked on my son’s issues over about an 8 week period, with substantial improvement each visit. He was able to make a full recovery, get his body aligned and his brain to forget the pain that was created when he moved with his new mechanics. We will continue to see Dr. Hargreaves for periodic tune ups! I highly recommend him for any athlete that may have some imbalances. I won’t take my son anywhere else for chiropractor needs, even when he is 90 miles away from our home."

- V Morrissette


"After almost two months of back pain and several visits at another chiro, Dr. Hargreaves helped eliminate my pain after 1 visit.

I have returned for multiple visits and I am pain free. I had some additional leg and should pain after minor sport soreness and he fixed that for me too. I continue to visit to learn how to build my core to prevent further injury and improve in my sports (soccer and disc golf). Thanks Dr!"

- G Steil

"We were referred to Dr. Hargreaves by our pediatrician to help with back pain for my teenage daughter as a result of scoliosis.

Matt is thorough in every sense. Not only has he been able to fully eliminate her pain, he is working to build correct form and strength to ensure long term improvement. His unique methodology addresses not only the direct pain point, but all the compensating issues surrounding it. Highly recommend for anyone suffering from back pain looking for a long term solution."

- C Smith

"Dr. Hargreaves is the absolute best; there are no words that can describe the level of thoroughness, commitment to his work, and overall patient care.

I came in with severe back pain, thinking I pulled a muscle. He didn't just treat that area. Instead, he treats patients holistically to accurately understand the root causes of pain/discomfort. He ended up treating me for other symptoms that I wasn't even aware of because I deemed these as "normal body experiences that I had for various years"; including eye twitching, headaches, back & neck pain. Don't expect to have a typical chiropractor experience. He truly has changed my perspective on this medical practice and the ways in which the body manifests itself when complications pile up and we don't seek proper treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Hargreaves. I also want to add that his staff is incredible. They diligently work to provide insurance information, even when insurance companies are difficult to figure out."

- A. Abreu Boria

"I have been lucky to find Dr. Hargreaves!

I suffered for years with knee and leg pain that other medical professionals could not give me relief from. Injections for pain only lasted for weeks and then the pain was back. Dr. Hargreaves diagnosed the problem as a soft tissue issue and has been working to ease my discomfort and restore mobility. I am thankful him and his staff for their help. I highly recommend Dr. Hargreaves. His personal concern and care is evident in every session that we have."

- J. Merlo

"I saw Dr. Hargreaves for hip joint pain.

He diagnosed the origin of the pain and then treated the myriad of areas that were contributing factors. Like peeling back an onion, he meticulously treated each layer so that we could reach the next and treat that. I experienced progressively increased mobility and less pain throughout treatment. I was given at home exercises and stretches to perform in order to ensure continued success. And, I continued to work out throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Carolina Spine and Sports."

- K. Landmesser

"I have found Dr. Hargreaves to be one of the best chiropractors in the area.

He has a vast knowledge of human physiology and is able to apply it in a manner that restores optimal function and relieves pain. You will not leave his office until he has uncovered the root cause of the underlying issue."

- T. Wright

"I have been to a number of sports medicine doctors and chiropractors for nearly 20 years.

I believe I have finally found the perfect person to help keep me healthy and pain free. Dr. Matt (Hargreaves) is the total package. In a matter of 3 - 4 visits he helped remedy my joint pain from running, lifting and just life. What I didn't expect was he also fixed some of my ailments that I've suffered from for nearly 2 decades!!! For years I've run as few as 20 miles and up to 90 miles per month, while also cycling, swimming, lifting, crossfit...you name it, I've done it. I just always assumed the first 10 - 15 minutes of every run were extremely painful until my body warmed up. However, I went to Dr. Matt with shoulder. lower back and glute issues. He worked his magic and found the root cause of my body's imbalance. After my 3rd visit, on my next run I had a crazy fast and pain free first mile. I was shocked b/c no one has been able to help me with this discomfort before. I just accepted it as a part of life, training and aging. I haven't had to visit him in many months because my imbalances have been fixed (for now). But I will definitely put him at the top of my list when my body needs some preventive care again."

- M. Hoffman

"Since moving from Charlotte in 2019, I am yet to find a Chiropractor as outstanding as Dr. Hargreaves.

Dr. Hargreaves has an extraordinary, inquisitive mind that seeks to find the source of pain, not just temporarily dissipate it. He does not rush through appointments, but takes however much time is needed to diagnose the problem. My favorite memory is Dr. Hargreaves’ quote: “If I do my job well, you won’t need to come back to see me.” I certainly wish I could still come back to see him."

- A. Herald

"I encountered Dr. Matt after spending 2 years with a recurring lower back issue.

I pursued numerous avenues to rectify it, including other chiropractors. Matt approached my issue with a more holistic process. He immediately identified the root of my problem instead of just the symptom. I quickly felt better and what I believed would be a lifelong ailment is now a distant memory. Every step of the way he was consultative and always focused on and end goal, not just a treatment plan. I will forever be grateful for the impact Dr. Matt has had on my life and would recommend him to anyone!"

- A. Harpp