Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion™ is a powerful assessment and correction tool based on gait analysis and foot function.

The joints in the body do not function in isolation, but rather in a complex choreography which depends on balance, symmetry, and timing. When those elements are lost, it can lead to pain anywhere in the body. A comprehensive global approach to pain resolution means not only assessing that painful shoulder, but ensuring that the shoulder is functioning appropriately within the context of larger movement patterns so that you do not begin feeding dysfunction back into it the moment you walk out the door.

At the heart of the AiM™ corrective approach is an emphasis on proper foot function. During most human movement, the foot is the only body part in contact with the ground. Thus, the brain relies heavily on information from the foot to coordinate movement at every other joint in the body. It is not an exaggeration to say that if your foot is not functioning properly, then no joint in your body is functioning properly. By using gait analysis, hands on assessment, manual therapy, and specifically tailored movement correctives, Anatomy in Motion™ has the power to provide instant improvement in movement mechanics. This leads to pain relief, improved mobility and performance, and ensures more permanent results from our other therapeutic techniques.